Saturday, May 24, 2014

Photo time and "in case you missed it...!"

Dear Swimmers

Wow! Blustery morning today - thank goodness I'm not swimming in the river or ocean today…then again, it could be fun!

Just in case you missed yesterday's extensive blog and video review (Before and After) of squad swimmer Megan Surrette's amazing improvement from the back of Lane 1 to the front of Lane 3 in a little under 2 years and a sensational 6h42m Rottnest Solo Swim in February this year, you can read all about it here: - thanks again to Megan for allowing us to publish this!

Here's that rate of improvement - just sensational:

Next Friday is Photo Shoot Day!

Next Friday morning from 530am to 730am (subject to weather and the removal of my beard!) squad swimmer, 2nd biggest recent improverm and photographer extraordinaire Janine Kaye of Janine Kaye Photography ( will be down at the pool taking some photographs of the squad in action. If any of you prefer not to be photographed, please just let Janine know on the morning, but I am hoping that you'll all be OK with it, especially wearing your shiny new Swim Smooth caps!

We have an exciting new project due for release in about 6 weeks and these images will be used as part of that with your permission. It's going to be very exciting and really take what we do down at little "old" Claremont Pool to the wider world of swimming and help improve swimming coaching on a much greater scale. I do hope you'll support us on this.

Most of Janine's shots will be unposed action shots of the "candid" variety (i.e. please "Just.Keep.Swimming"!) but she may select a few of you for some quick portrait-type shots without disturbing you for more than a few seconds…who knows, this might be the perfect "legitimate" rest opportunity during the hard swim! ;-)

I would also love to get a quick group shot of the 5.30am/6.30am squad cross-over, but we'll see what we can do!

For the 9.30am swimmers on Friday, Janine will be participating herself then, so maybe I'll turn the camera on her (and you!) then too!

This is the very first opportunity (ever!) that we've had to do such a thing and I do appreciate your help and support in advance and also the time and effort of Janine too. The main focus of course will be on you guys cracking out a good solid swim set, hopefully with steam rising off the pool and Janine acting as a fly on the wall (she might even pop under water too!).



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