Friday, April 26, 2013

Volunteer for Learn to Swim from Scratch DVD

Dear Swimmers

We're at it again! We are about to start work on producing some new material for a new Swim Smooth DVD, similar in many ways to the Learn 2 Swim from Scratch DVD we produced in 2008: albeit updated with many of our new methods.

We are seeking 1 or 2 non-swimmers (one female, one male potentially) from here in Perth who would be keen to go through the Swim Smooth Learn 2 Swim process whilst being filmed at the Claremont Pool. This might be a friend, partner or work colleague who's been badgering you about wanting to learn how to swim freestyle but hasn't had the time, knowledge or confidence to yet take that bold step - can you help them by offering them up the opportunity to partake in what promises to be a great few training sessions with myself, Paul Newsome?

There is no cost involved, but the participants will need to be available in the following time slots:

  • Wednesday 1st May at 2-5pm
  • Thursday 2nd May at 12-3pm
  • Tuesday 7th May at 2-5pm

Participants should:

  • not be able to complete a 25m length of freestyle
  • be happy to be filmed and to be engaged infrequently in chats directly to the camera (no major stress!)
  • may be suffering from some degree of anxiety, e.g. putting face in the water
  • want to learn how to swim freestyle themselves!

Applicants should please reply to this email by Tuesday 30th April at 12pm (midday) giving a brief bio on their quest to swim freestyle to this point and also a contact number that we can call to discuss further details with them. We won't be able to invite every participant to attend unfortunately, but hopefully with what we're able to produce, this material will go on to helping many more people out there get into this great sport and healthy lifestyle!



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