Monday, April 8, 2013

A reminder for the 9.30am squad this week

Dear 9.30am swimmers

Please be reminded that due to the final two carnivals of the season, this Wednesday's (10/4) and Friday's (12/4) 9.30am sessions will be held down at Cottesloe Beach, meeting on the grassy bank to the north side of the Indianna Tea Rooms just before 9.30am. The sessions will consist of some open water skills work, i.s. sighting / drafting and entering and exiting the water etc. They will be a lot of fun so hope that you can make it down.

A note on squad numbers:

Since I've been back I've been assessing lane space availability within the squad and within each lane at each session and have tried to estimate how this will unfold over the colder winter months. As such, on Thursday this week at 1pm I will be releasing some limited-release spaces within certain sessions for new swimmers who seek to join the program. Some of the more popular sessions still remain fully booked, but from the trends that I've been assessing we have seen a couple of places thankfully open up. Rather than offering, say, 4 general places in a 6.30am session though, I will be offering specific places within a given lane, i.e. 2 places in lane 1 on Friday at 6.30am for those swimmers capable of swimming 1:52 to 2:10 per 100m for a harder threshold set. As such, only those swimmers who are at this pace and can make this particular time slot would be offered a spot. 

We shall be offering these places on a strictly first-come, first-served basis and will also be offering them out to the 230+ people on the squad wait list at the same time, so the anticipation is that they will fill quickly. If you've been swimming with the squad consistently over the last 6-9 months, then we have accounted for you still swimming with the squad unless you've informed us otherwise, so your place is safe - just continue attending as you are.

The unprecedented level of recent interest in the squad has sent me back to sourcing out alternative local venues to cater for the demand. So, if you happen to miss out one of the limited release sessions, please bear with us as we hope to be able to offer something additionally soon.

Hope that all makes sense?



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