Sunday, March 24, 2013

Message from Francene re. Saturday 1-2pm session missed...

Dear Saturday Squad Swimmers,

My profuse apologies to you all for not attending to coach the Saturday session on Saturday 23rd March. I had an accident with my daughter on Saturday morning, which caught me off guard and had a significant impact on my mental state. Whilst not an excuse, the coaching session completely slipped my mind as I focused on my daughter.

Not only have I let you as a group of swimmers down, but also Paul, who runs such an excellent program and relies on the professionalism of his fill in coaches when he is away. Please accept my humblest apologies on this occasion and be rest assured it will not happen again.

Humble regards, Francene

From Paul: Francene is a super reliable member of our coaching staff and given this incident I am sure we can find it in our hearts to dismiss it as a simple mistake caused by an unfortunate incident. We all wish Sabine a quick recovery. Thanks Francene for your note.



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