Friday, March 22, 2013

Rotto madness this weekend!

Dear Swimmers

As you've probably heard on the news, Ceinwen, Wayne, Andrew, Paul, Jazz, Damon and Geoff from the squad are attempting Double and Triple crossings of the Rottnest Channel this weekend (amongst a few other local swimmers). The 59.1km challenge is enough to make most people wince, but if you can get behind them and support their cause at they would very much appreciate it. I'm very gutted that I miss this challenge by 2 days, but am confident that the troops will get out there and rack up those miles for charity.

As a rough timetable:

Ceinwen and Rohan (Triple) with Mark and Damon (Double) off the beach at Rottnest midnight Saturday.

The rest of the crew: Wayne (Double) Andrew, Jazz and Paul D (hopeful Double), Jaime (pacesetter) Mark, Michael and David off the beach Cottesloe about 6.00am Sunday.

First double finish and second of triple leg at Rottnest noon Sunday

Finish Cottesloe beach 6.00pm Sunday.

Please support the gang in their "crazy" endeavours!



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