Saturday, May 19, 2012

Apologies once again...

Dear Swimmers

It is with much regret and massive frustration on my part that we were not able to run the 5.30am Friday morning session yesterday again given that the same Duty Manager failed to turn up to open up the Claremont Pool that did not show 3 weeks ago.

Please rest assured that I have taken this complaint to the Centre Manager and also to the council as I feel it is totally unacceptable. I do sincerely apologise if you were put out by this again yesterday. 

On the last occurrence I apologised and promised you it wouldn't happen again, and so to have it happen again so soon afterwards makes me personally feel rather stupid.

Thank you to those of you who stayed around and were able to start the session at 6.10am (40 minutes late). Of course I did not feel comfortable charging for this session once again and I believe that the pool allowed free access also in order to partly compensate for your inconvenience.

Sincere thanks to the 6.30am squad for accommodating the small number of swimmers from the 5.30am squad who overlapped with the start of your session as I do appreciate that it was massively chaotic and somewhat frustrating for you too.

It is hard enough at this time of year to get out of bed for a 5.30am start when the temperature gauge is reading in the single digits, and I can only imagine how your confidence in the reliability of this early morning session could easily wane in light of these incidents. I personally feel like the strongest part of our squad is the reliability factor - you always know that I'll be there and that the session will be of good quality and enjoyable too. This is something that I've worked extremely hard to build at Claremont Pool over the last 4 years and to have it compromised in such a manner is very annoying for me. I can only ask that you please do not give up hope and confidence.

Thanks for hearing me out. The pool has promised a resolve by Wednesday of next week.

Sean Badani, Centre Manager, has suggested that you contact him directly on or 9285 4343 if you felt the need to discuss the matter directly with him, however, I am hoping that we should see a positive step forward with this situation now.

Kind regards


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