Monday, March 5, 2012

Aloha from the UK!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all doing well and everything is going smoothly with the new coaches whilst I am away (I'm sure it is and that you're loving having a change from me! LOL!).

So, all is going great over here. I flew in late on Thursday night and was immediately whisked away by Adam to Chessington where we have been staying for the last 3 nights. I've been coping well with the jetlag, but then again I have been up to 3am every night working on our presentations for the Triathlon Show!!

We've had a stand at the show shared with Huub wetsuits (see above) and have delivered two fully booked out seminars to over 300 people each time, making them the most popular technical seminars of the entire show by a good margin. This has been great for us and really exciting to see so many keen people in what we are doing with Swim Smooth and of course Huub wetsuits.

Tomorrow we're meeting up with the London Olympics director for the 10km open water swim and then delivering a mini Swim Smooth Clinic to a private club in central London in the evening. We then need to high-tail it up to Scotland for Thursday where we'll then deliver a 3-day Coaches Education course in Stirling followed by a 1-day swimmer's course in Edinburgh. It's then down to Loughborough University to repeat this same schedule plus another two swimmer's courses in the one of the new satellite Olympic pools in Corby. I can't wait!

It's going to be a crazily busy 3 weeks but then again we wouldn't want it any other way!

Speak soon and please enjoy the hot weather for me - it's pretty chilly over here right now!



P.S that's me with 4 times World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington at the show - amazing athlete and the nicest person you're ever likely to meet!

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