Monday, June 28, 2010

Session Card Increase from Thursday 1st July 2010


Brrrr!!! Bit chilly isn't it! I had my first session back down on the pool deck this morning and it was freezing it has to be said! Beautiful sunrise though and nice to be back. There were only 4 of you at the Monday 7am technique swim session this morning, so I had ample opportunity to work with you on your strokes then. This is a great session for those of you who haven't yet tried it. If you fancy popping along, just turn up next week - the water's warm! ;-)

As mentioned back at the start of May, it has been necessary for us to increase our session fees due to GST liability and also the substantial increase in lane fees by moving up to Challenge Stadium. This increase will take effect as of Thursday 1st July 2010. This is something I have been hesitant to do. Our prices have not increased at all in the last three years and I'm afraid to say that this move is entirely necessary to secure the longevity of the squad. I had hoped that by giving you all a 2-month notice of these increases that it would allow you time to ensure that you have had chance to purchase your cards at the current rate for a little while longer. The new prices (as per below) will go into effect as of Thursday, so you still have a couple of days to purchase some before the increase if you so wish.

Here are the new prices:

  • Single session = $15
  • 10 sessions = $120
  • 25 sessions = $270
  • 50 sessions = $480
  • 1-2-1 session = $165
  • 1-2-1 follow-up = $120

To purchase your cards online, please go to

Many thanks and I do hope you're able to support and understand this very necessary price increase. See you down at the pool this week.



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