Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to Perth in 3 more sleeps!


Hope you are all well. I'm into my last 3 days here in the UK and am now just relaxing after 3 very busy weeks! I'm in London and soaking up the British summer atmosphere - Wimbledon, the decisive World Cup game this afternoon and then a trip down to Dover on Thursday to meet my English Channel Swim pilot and test out the chilly waters - great stuff!

The trip over here has been unbelievably successful - we sold over 500 Training Guides for our new www.swimtypes website in the first 24 hours and have some exciting news coming up about the British Triathlon Federation and two major swimming brands, so watch this space! Thanks again for allowing me to make this breakthrough and decisive trip it really has been very worthwhile and I thank you for your commitment to the squad whilst I've been away! 

I land back in on Saturday evening, have Sunday to recuperate and then will be back on the pool deck bright-eyed and bushy tailed as of Monday 7am. I have some great new ideas to try out with you all and help to get you through those longer, darker winter months in a very enjoyable fashion!

So remember, we have our very first Mini Olympics scheduled for Saturday 3rd July at 1pm. Anyone can come along and take part. We'll have a short warm-up and then in this first running of the session you have the option of competing in as many of the following events as you wish to do so (hopefully all!):

  • 50m Butterfly with / without Fins
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • The "Blue Ribband" 50m Freestyle Sprint
  • The 100m Bands Only Challenge
  • The 50m Parachute Only Challenge
  • The 400m "Go Until You Blow" Draft Fest
  • The 100m World Record Attempt in a Wetsuit
  • The 4 x 25m Individual Medley Mad-Man Challenge

Cost for the event will just be a normal tick off your session card. I'm hoping that the stalwarts of the normal Saturday afternoon session will all get into the spirit of this event and you are invited to bring a friend along as well to give it a try-out. The next date for this event (with a few modified events) will be Saturday 14th August. I do hope you can attend! I'll be taking people's event nominations down during next week's squad sessions, so please be ready with these.

See you on Monday!



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