Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Squad List Update

Dear Swimmers

Many thanks for completing the Squad Registration List at 

We have had an overwhelming response with over 110 of you submitting this form. This is an amazing response and we really thank you for your support! Its just so great to see what started off as such a small group a little over 12 months ago become such a strong TEAM and a fun environment within which to train. Thanks guys, its great to be coaching all of you!

I shall be publishing the Confirmed List tomorrow with any luck. Suffice to say I have just about managed to get everyone who has been regular over the winter period into the sessions that they want. For those of you who we haven't seen for a while, I've also managed to get you in, but will confirm all these details tomorrow and by all means email me with any queries.

There are a couple of sessions:

  • Tuesday 7.30am
  • Thursday 3.30pm
  • Friday 7.30am

...which don't yet have the numbers to proceed, but I will keep the applications to these sessions open and keep you posted in due course. Let me know if any of these appeal.

We have also hand a really great response from 5 or 6 coaches around WA who would like to be part of the program and coach alongside us. As mentioned before, each coach will be thoroughly screened and tutored by myself during our Training Day (date TBC) and on an ongoing basis so that we can assure the highest level of coaching can continue. The idea and thought behind this scheme is two-fold: 

  1. To aid the development of the program and the development of coaches under our "banner".
  2. To provide you with a bit of variety in coaching styles, albeit with the same ethos and program to hand.

All these coaches will attend our Training Day and also "work shadow" with us on pool deck over the next few months to ensure continuity of practice. During the odd times when myself and Adam might be away (we need holidays too!), the new coaches will assist us with the smooth running of the program, ensuring you get the very best coaching that you deserve and on a consistent basis.

Interestingly enough, when I posed the question back in November "would you benefit from having an additional coach on pool deck with Paul?" the response was typically "no, don't think we need it"; however, I know that you all have now grown to greatly appreciate the benefit of having Adam poolside with me and can hopefully see the advantages of having additional coaches to help build and improve the program further.

If you're interested to read a little more about how we're doing this on an international scale through Swim Smooth, please check out - we've had over 300 coaches worldwide sign up already with us on our list plus over 40 as part of the full Network.

Anyway, Confirmation List to follow tomorrow - watch this space!



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