Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confirmed Squad List for Summer 2009/2010

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine! As promised, please click on the link below to access the Confirmed Squad List for Summer 2009 / 2010 with The TEAM CORE down at the Claremont Swimming Pool:

Please check the list and if you have any questions or queries please email them over to me direct.

What is the "Buffer List"?

It has been a bit of a long-winded process compiling the list and I hope that I have got you all down for the sessions that you wish to attend. As mentioned in previous emails we have set-up a Buffer List for each session. If your name is on the Buffer List you can attend the session, no worries there! The idea of the Buffer List is to simply recognize that not everyone will turn up to every session they have nominated for. Rather than restrict you to having to pay all your fees upfront (and in doing so effectively pay for sessions that you do not attend) the Buffer List provides us with the assurance that we will have a good stream of numbers attending the sessions and that we aren't turning anyone away unnecessarily, and equally for you to have the flexibility to use your PAYG cards exactly as they were intended - to Pay As You Go!

We have also set up a Reserve List for those who have not made it onto the Buffer List. Please, please, please though let me know if you are on the Confirmed or Buffer List for any session incorrectly or if you have changed your mind so that I can jiggle things around and offer someone a place in the squad. Your help here is much appreciated and equally (going forward) please let me know if you no longer plan to attend any of these sessions.

For the bike and run sessions and also the Saturday morning swim sessions, there are no real restrictions on attendance to these sessions as they are currently free. Please do let me know though if your name is not down and if you'd like to attend so that I can monitor interest.

Payments / Costings:

There have been a few of you whom have requested paying upfront for your session fees and sacrificing missed sessions if you do so. Your reasoning has been either to a) save a few pennies with a bulk purchase and / or b) to save the "hassle" of a card. What we have decided to do to address this is two-fold:

1) raise your awareness of our bulk discount PAYG cards, i.e. 10 sessions = $100, 25 sessions = $225, 50 sessions = $400. This then works out at $10, $9 and $8 per session which can add up to a big saving in the long run. You can order these cards online at

2) offer a package deal for those of you keen on registering for our Rottnest Channel Swim and Busselton Half Ironman Programs. These start on the 7th September 2009 and 18th January 2010 respectively. These will allow you access to the sessions that you have nominated for and to the overview of the session detail. Cost for these will be $660 for the 24 week Rottnest Channel Swim Program (based on 4 weekly paid squad swim sessions at a discounted rate of $7.50 per session; there will be a period of 2 weeks over Christmas when no sessions will run, so that would be 22 weeks x $30 per week = $660) and $595 for the 15 week Busselton Half Ironman Program (based on 2 weekly squad swims, 1 bike, 1 run and 1 coached brick session: there will be other sessions available for you to attend, but these will be the full coached ones).

GST Registration:

Just on that note about monies an effort to keep the squad sessions that you attend as cost effective as possible for you to attend on a regular basis, you may be interested to know that we have recently had to register as a GST collecting entity and as such our accountant has suggested that we need to ADD GST to all our services and products. However, we have decided to take the bold move to actually "swallow" this cost ourselves in an effort to thank you for your support over the last 12 months which has in no small way contributed to the GST situation which we are now faced with. Hopefully the busy sessions that we have lined up will help to offset this cost for us somewhat. We do hope that this is agreeable for yourselves!!



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