Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taper Time here we come!!!!

Dear Athletes,

Well, this is it...the end is 'nigh' as they say! 16 weeks of hard work and diligent training and soon you'll be able to really test your prowess down on the Busselton Half Ironman course! I can't wait, it will be so exciting to see so many of you (48 in total) all competing in this event. The TEAM spirit down there will be immense, so let's look forward to these last two weeks to taper down correctly and to start to look positively towards having a great and enjoyable race on the 2nd May! 

We have purchased a large marquee tent for the day where everyone will be able to leave any gear etc and for friends and loved ones to congregate...speaking of which, please nominate any of your 'fam' for the world famous TEAM CORE CHEER SQUAD...we need their help and you do too!

Ok, so this is what we need to look at doing over the next 2 weeks. Here are a couple of quick tips to bare in mind:

  • don't interrupt your normal schedule and routine too much, your body is in a rhythm now and disruption is not great at this point.
  • we'll be reducing volume significantly at this point, but maintaining a sense of intensity, albeit in short bursts - this helps avoid the body becoming all lethargic.
  • sleep and rest well, drink lots of fluid (always have a bottle with you), eat healthily and don't overdo the carbo-loading thing...just by cutting back on the volume you'll start to store more energy by continuing to consume the same amount of food etc.
  • think positive thoughts - this is going to be a GREAT day, you've worked hard and you ARE ready...have confidence in this fact - you're in GREAT shape!
  • read these pointers on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude): - they will really come in handy!

Training Plan (please note, this is aimed specifically at the HIM athletes, unless specified otherwise, all sessions are running as normal ( despite suggestions of additional rest days for those doing the race):

MON 20/4 - easy 40 mins run + pedal efficiency session at the Sweat Shack at 6pm

TUE 21/4 - morning or evening squad swim sessions. Steady, aerobic. Focus on technique.

WED 22/4 - 5.50am steady ride with Coach Paul (no charge)

THU 23/4 -  open water skills session at Cottesloe Beach. Meet 6.30am for 6.45am start. 6pm steady run session at McGilvray Oval.

FRI 24/4 - something a little fresh & fruit in the pool!

SAT 25/4 - steady ride of 2hrs. Meeting at the Bell Tower at 7.30am (civilized hours!!)


MON 27/4 - (ANZAC DAY) - 9.30am swim and wind trainer session both cancelled. However, in the style of Good Friday's Handicap Swim, we'll be doing a short "Splash and Dash" down at Cottesloe Beach, meeting at 7am and starting at 7.30am. 800m swim followed by a 4km run - lot's of fun and an Anzac Cookie to be won - WOW!!!!!!!

TUE 28/4 - morning and evening squad sessions as normal. All HIM athletes to swim for a max of 40 mins today!

WED 29/4 - 5.50am steady ride with Coach Paul including a few pick-ups (no charge)

TAPER TIME TAPAS - from 6pm to 9pm BBQ and drinks at 22 Fairfield Street for all HIM athletes. Please, please RSVP! Bring your own meat and alcoholic drinks...nibbles, bread and salad provided. Chance to go over your race tactics one final time and to have a social gathering to get that TEAM spirit fired up! Hope you can make it!

THU 30/4 - REST DAY - openwater swim and run session both cancelled!

FRI 1/5 - easy jog of 15 mins + spin on your bike once down in Busselton. We may look at doing this as a group thing. TBC!

SAT 2/5 - the BIG ONE!

Post 2/5/09 - stay tuned for some VERY exciting new changes to the program to keep you keen over winter, including a specific OD and Long Course World's program for all those who have qualified, and of course the Ironman in December too! There will be no breaks to the schedule for all of those worried about dropping off over the cooler months! The TEAM CORE...where else would you rather be! ;-)



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