Friday, February 27, 2009

BBQ this evening cancelled!

Dear Athletes

Hope you have all had a good week. It was good to see so many of you down for the swim session this morning - quite an interesting one indeed with all the pacing strategies involved, I'm sure you learnt a lot, especially if you went off too fast!!

Sincerest apologies but we have to unfortunately cancel the post-Rotto BBQ planned for this evening at our place. Initially this was due to low numbers with many people being away, then we heard that ColdPlay was playing at Burswood Dome (my favourite band!) so we bought tickets for that, but as it turns out Michelle has actually gone into labour so everything has been scrapped and obviously this is now our # 1 priority! Very exciting stuff - I'm nervous as heck (and I've got the easy job!), so please excuse me if you don't hear from me over the next few days!!!

So, plan of action:

  • Friday - no BBQ.

  • Saturday - ride at 6.30am from the Bell Tower (probably without me!) + 1pm squad session will still be on with Adam coaching, so please still attend if you had planned to do so.

  • Sunday - women's TRI up at Hillary's.

  • Monday - Labour Day (quite appropriate really!) - no formal sessions but Busselton HIM group should still aim to get their run (1h30) and bike session (1h20 inc. 30 mins at 80 - 85% inc. a burst out of the saddle every 2 mins for 10s lifting cadence to +110rpm) in as per the program. No Time-4-Me session.

  • Tuesday - back to the normal program as per - I'll see you back on pool deck at 5.30am probably looking a little hagged and maybe with a bambino in tow for its first swim session (you have to start 'em young you see! LOL!)

I'm stoked! Cheers,


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