Friday, September 19, 2008

Your chance to have a say!

Dear All
Here's your chance to have a say in the running of The TEAM CORE!
It is our goal to make The TEAM CORE the absolute best, most friendliest, heaps of fun, inspiring and motivating multisport training program in Western Australia - but we need your help for us to work towards that goal. Your patronage is incredibly important to us and as such if you can think of any ways in which we could improve what we offer (i.e. new sessions or different ways of doing things etc) we'd love to hear from you!!!
Rather than asking a fairly ambiguous question "how could we improve?" - we've taken the time to prepare a quick 10 mins or 25 multichoice questions survey that you can easily fill in online and let us know what you think. Its all here at:
Please do take the time to let us know what you're really thinking - it'll make a big difference I'm sure! Thanks is advance - we will consider ALL feedback that you send through.

Kind regards

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