Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday Brick Session

Dear All
Please be advised that Saturday's brick session will meet at the Dodgy Dunnies on the southside of the Narrow's Bridge tomorrow morning at 7am.
The ride will follow the route below:
This is essentially a 120km out & back route that takes you down the freeway bike path to Armadale Road, east on Armadale Road until you meet Albany HWY, north on Albany HWY and then right and heading east on Brookton HWY. Turn around when you speedo says 60km. Once you arrived back, you will transition to a short 20 mins run off the bike. This will be a challenging circuit and extreme care should be taken on the major roads that are used. Please execute a good nutrition strategy for the session. I will be there to set you off and give you some individual tips on what I'd like you to work on etc.
Going Forward:
This session has been primarily frequented by the Ironman "crew" and as these guys will be starting to develop the length of their sessions in future weeks, we will look to start this session at 6am from next week onwards. It will always leave from the Dodgy Dunnies until the last 4 weeks before the race when we'll add a swim component down at Cottesloe Beach. I will always email out a route beforehand so people know where they're going. Its then up to you to get down there, get your "head down and bum up" and then report how your session went to me on your training log. These next 8 weeks are absolutely key to your preparation for the race, so come wind or rain you need to be out there. Meeting up to do this with the group (even if and when you split up) will help with the motivation factor.
Kind regards

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