Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Weekend Training

Please note that from next week (Monday 3rd June onwards) we have had confirmation to shift the current Tuesday evening swim session over to a Wednesday night at the new "evening-friendly" time of 6 to 7pm at Claremont Pool. This will hopefully suit those of you who don't like the idea of doing a double-swim on a Tuesday! This session will be a great complement to Tuesday's steadier aerobic technique session as a threshold swim set focusing on developing your speed!
This also means that we can now proceed and run our Tuesday evening run technique session for novice / intermediate athletes at 6pm over at McGilvray Oval. We will start this new run session from Tuesday 3rd June - all runners will need some loose, warm clothing, normal running gear and also a mat / thick towel for this new session! Focus will be on form, technique, core stability and getting you running!
Apologies for all the minor shuffles to the program over the last few weeks as we try to tweak the program to better serve your needs!
Just to confirm the "state-of-play" for this Long Weekend in case you were wondering:
Thursday 29th May
PM - running drills, technique and intervals down at McGilvray Oval. Meet at 6pm for a warm-up and start at 6.15pm. This week will feature a little more in the line of actual running intervals to advance what we've been working on the last 3 weeks with your technique.
Friday 30th May
AM - Swim Session # 1 at 5.30am at Claremont Pool. A nice set of core stability work in the Club Rooms or out on the pool deck (weather permitting) followed by a spicy little swim set.
Swim Session # 2 at 9am at Claremont Pool. As above but with a steadier swim set after Wednesday's "toughie".
Saturday 31st May
AM - meet at the Bell Tower at 7am for a 2hr steady ride either around the river or there has been talk of a potential ride out to the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory (TBC on the monring!).
PM - swim session at 1pm at Claremont Pool as per normal. Might be a quiet one, so take the opportunity to come down for some stroke technique tips and some fun!
Sunday 1st June
Monday 2nd June
AM - no official run session from UWA Car Park, instead, do your own 40 to 60 mins steady run.
***There will also be no "Time:4:Me" session today with it being a Public Holiday - apologies!***
PM - no official wind-trainer session at Claremont Pool (despite initially saying there would be). Apologies for any inconvenience. Have tonight as a night off with your family / friends!
Tuesday 3rd June
Back to normal as per the program at taking into account the major notice above!


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