Monday, May 5, 2008

Final direct email from me and notes on the new training program...

Dear All
Please be advised that this will be the very last direct email from me notifying you of all our exciting training news. All you need to do from now on to keep up-to-date is enter your email address here or simply stay tuned to where all the news will be posted instantly as it happens. Nothing changes, the email will look a little prettier, but now you get to choose whether or not you want these emails going straight to you as they have previously done.
Please be advised that we have started the new triathlon training program as of today (May 5th 2008) with all our pool based sessions now taking place at the Claremont Pool. Simple. You can view this new program at and also print it out to stick on your fridge wall as reminder. You can now also pay for your sessions etc online at or choose to download our payment form and bring your payment to any of our sessions.
Training this week:
Please be advised that we will actually commence the new Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions from next week onwards (13th and 14th May respectively). All other sessions will run as per the new program, including Saturday's new 1pm swim session. Remember, your payment cards can be used at any of these sessions and that the Monday morning run and Wednesday morning bike rides are both free "TEAM" sessions meaning you are all welcome along!
Our next "Race-Centric" Program will be...
Many of you who didn't partake in the recent Half Ironman program have stated that you loved the way this program worked and how you'd be keen on future programs as they come along. To whet your appetite we will be running several new programs over the coming year for various distances and abilities. For more info and to register your interest, please check out
As this is an entirely new training venture, we are very keen to ensure that it provides you with the absolute best triathlon and multisport program available. If you have any comments or feedback on how we may improve things, please let us know via email to Last week Elise and Jacqui gave me some great feedback and suggestions of formulating a simple running program to get those of you who don't run at all into some shape to look at tackling a triathlon next season. I'll be onto this next week...its this sort of feedback that is really useful for us to know that we are getting things right for you!
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