Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Training this week and beyond...

Dear All
You have no doubtedly received the email from Bill Kirby today detailing the fact that I will no longer be working directly for Kirby Swim after the Half Ironman this weekend, but will instead be shifting our training program just across the road to the Claremont Pool from Monday 5th May onwards. I wish to stress that this has been an amicable and mutual decision and that we both hope to work together in the future on other projects. We both hope to limit the impact that this move will have on you the athlete and thankyou for your support up until this time and from here forward.
I have prepared two separate emails to a) notify you of training this week in the lead-up to the Half Ironman, and b) discuss what new exciting projects and programs we have waiting ahead for you from May 5th under our new team name, "The T.E.A.M CORE" (see more here: www.theteamcore.com )
The most important thing to note I suppose is that despite many people opting to take some well deserved R&R after the Half Ironman, the squad will continue right on through the winter period with no break in operation (as per some other squads at this time of year). Hopefully those of you whom have been inspired by what we have been doing with the Half Ironman group will take advantage of this "quieter" period to pop down to the new exciting sessions and commence your own personal preparations for your future aspirations. We'll be adding some great new sessions which will focus in May and June on developing sound technique and specific strengthening in order to build you up and prevent injury!
NEWSFLASH! New team t-shirts will be available down at Busselton this weekend (see attached). We have had ~ 35 printed off in various sizes (as per the group below and our estimated sizes). The girl's shirts will be in sizes 8, 10 and 12 and will be a fitted long-body "slim-fit" design in 100% cotton. The guy's shirts will be in sizes S, M and L and will be in a "dri-fit" type of non-crease material. Both are very nice. Cost is just $25.00. Please let me know if you would like one - they're VERY cool and we'll certainly all feel like part of a great team when we're down there! You'll be amazed by what this collective unity can do for your spirit on race day! You can collect yours on Friday afternoon at 5pm down at the Busselton Jetty. Let me know if you're not racing but would like one as a supporter / session attendee too!
Big thankyou!
A big thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend Adam's leaving do last night at our house - it was a great night and Adam really enjoyed himself. Thanks also to everyone who contributed towards his camera gift - he was stoked at the notion that you would all chip-in for that and asked me to say thanks to everyone for doing so!
Training this week and last minute race tips...
Tuesday = early morning swim and core stability session from 5.30am to 7am at Christchurch Grammar School Pool. Followed by the Time:4:Me group at 9.30am to 10.30am at Claremont Pool. Session will be light and enjoyable!
Wednesday = meet as usual for a 5.50am start from the Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street for a steady ride around Shelley and then a social coffee afterwards. Ride will only be about 70 mins today.
Thursday = all H.I.M competitors should take Thursday as a rest day. Both early morning and Time:4:Me sessions will still run as per Tuesday (so good opportunity to get some TLC whilst its likely quite quiet!!). There will be no run session on Thursday evening.
Friday = no early morning Cottesloe swim. all H.I.M competitors will likely travel down to Busselton today. If you can squeeze in a 30 mins spin and a 10 mins jog that would be great. We'll meet for a team "debrief" and stretch session at 5pm in front the of jetty prior to registering for the event. Paul will accompany you through the registration area and bike racking process for those of you who feel a little nervous or unsure of what to do and when. Try not to get too stressed today, remember the golden rule - "why stand when you can sit, and why sit when you can lie down!" and make sure you always have a water bottle with you and keep sipping throughout the day (a sports drink as well as just plain water is advisable).
Saturday = race start is 8am onwards, but competitors need to be ready and on the beach from 7.40am for a race briefing. Transition actually opens at 6am, so Paul and Adam will be down at the transition area from this time ensuring you are all managing OK and not stressing out! Remember, you've worked hard for today - so go out there and enjoy yourself!! We'll meet on the beach at 7.25am for some last minute tips or just to give you a hug and tell you you'll be fine! ;-)
Last minute tips:
  1. Don't panic - you're bound to feel a little nervous before the event, but keep this under wraps and stay positive - you CAN do this!
  2. Keep hydrated / rested - we all know we need to do this during the race, but make sure you are now hydrating, fueling and resting well too!
  3. Remember to smile - just getting to the start is a big accomplishment, smile knowing that you can do no more now for your preparation and just get out there and "rip it up!"
  4. Check you have spares - 2 x inner tube, tyre levers and pump - you know now how to use them!
  5. Don't lose your bottle - both metaphorically and literally...believe it or not I've got on the bike in one of my races and realised I left my drinks bottles at home in the fridge - what a plonka Paul!
Saturday evening = after you've ALL finished (and you will!) it'll be time to let our hair down at the after-party and I hope you can all attend as it'll be a great night!
Sunday = rest day
Monday 5th May onwards = check out our new triathlon training program at http://www.theteamcore.com/weeklyprogram.html - all sessions will run from Monday 5th May as per program (even if numbers are a little low in the first couple of weeks). Following email will contain more details!
Thanks everyone - its been a pleasure - lets go for it team!
P.S Here is our list of athletes for the event including those whom have simply been swimming with the team. Their profiles and pictures can be seen at http://www.theteamcore.com/athleteprofiles.html:
  1. Gabe Alves
  2. Michelle Newsome
  3. Jane Day
  4. Kathryn Granheim
  5. Glen Blackwell
  6. Melinda Brand
  7. Melissa Cundy
  8. Helen Cuthbert
  9. Mike Gee
  10. Chris Murphy
  11. Ian Murray
  12. Mary Tennant
  13. Lisa Palmer (bike discipline for team)
  14. Karen Wynne
  15. Judi Clemie (run discipline for team)
  16. Michelle Wilson (swim discipline for team)
  17. Mike Schumann (bike discipline for team)
  18. Zane Randall
  19. Mark Rayner
  20. Paul Williams
  21. Sandy Burt
  22. Matt Biddle
  23. Greg Doucas
  24. Andrew Hunt (swim discipline for team)
  25. Andrew Graham
  26. Trevor Magee
  27. Carl Andrews
  28. Caitlin Hunt
  29. Janet Musker
  30. Clint Doak
  31. Andrew Menschelyi
  32. Rob Buckle (bike discipline for team)
  33. James Millen (run discipline for team)
  34. Jo Swallow (swim discipline for team)
  35. Joe Kierath (bike discipline for team)
Paul Newsome
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