Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday to Monday Details

Hi All
Just a few reminders:
  • Run tonight at McGilvray Oval. 6pm meet and warm-up for a 6.15pm start.
  • Swim tomorrow morning at Cottesloe. Wetsuits recommended. 6.30am meet & start ~6.40am. Out & back continuous swim.
  • Friday evening 7pm - 22 Fairlfield Street, Mount Hawthorn for Nutrition Talk (bring a chair if you can as there'll be ~20 people there).
  • Saturday brick session. 6.20am meet for a 6.30am start at the Dodgy Dunnies. 3hr ride + 1hr run. Come prepared with adequate nutrition.
  • Sunday - Point Walter race for those doing it. Yes you'll be tired if having done the brick session yesterday. This is not a priority race. Then why do it? Its an excellent chance to run through swim, bike & run and pace as though your were doing the HIM.
  • Monday - those who raced will do a shorter run on Monday morning and do the long run on Thursday. Still meet at 6am at UWA carpark.
  • Monday evening - cycling in the Sweat Shack.
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