Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Pointy End and Public Holiday

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all enjoying this fine weather that has finally sneaked through!

Public Holiday

Just a quick reminder that despite the upcoming Public Holiday on Monday 24th September, both the 7am and 9.30am Pure Technique sessions will run as normal (we never like to let you down on days like this when many of you can take the opportunity to sneak an extra session in). If you're going away for the weekend, firstly - have fun, secondly, you might want to sneak a cheeky Saturday Stoic Session in before you head off at 5.30am on Saturday 22nd September instead (9 places currently showing as available).

Royal Show / Parking

Don't forget that the Royal Show starts this Saturday (22nd September) and runs for one week to the following weekend. We've been informed that the lower car park at the pool is taking payments (unsure of what time from) for using this space, so may I please suggest you arrive early to find a spot in the normal car park (especially 9.30am swimmers who this is likely to affect more) and / or seek a parking pass from the pool if you have to park on the lower level. In either case, a little organisation next week might be required - sorry for any inconvenience this might cause!

Week 9 of 10

Hands up if you've reached that despondent stage of not quite hitting your target times anymore? Most of you? Totally natural. Sadly we can't expect continuous linear progression of 0.5% per week for all of eternity otherwise if you extrapolated it out long enough you'd all be Olympic Gold Medallists at some point in the future. But that's been the beauty of the last 9 weeks from our 10 week CSS Development program; every group in every lane in every squad is now swimming faster than they've ever swum before (trust me, my records go back 16.5 years here in Perth!) - so that's a very good thing, especially leading into the open water season. Secondly, it is totally natural that we start to plateau off at some point and many of you will be feeling that this has started to occur in the last week or two. Some of you are still on the up - and that's great - but I'm taking a close look at exactly where each group has reached and once we finish the 10 week program next week, we'll use the next 2-4 weeks (prior to people starting to get back into things for Rottnest, Busso and the like) to consolidate at the last week you were consistently holding paces. It looks like for most this will be about week 7 or 8, but we'll see how we go in the next two weeks prior to making that call. Above all though, I do hope you've really enjoyed the challenge, because that's what this is all about - not taking ourselves too seriously and just seeing what is possible - well done team!

Hot off the press!

I haven't yet had a full low-down from everyone who recently raced the ITU Triathlon World Championships over on the Gold Coast - so please don't assume I'm skipping over you (send me your info if you can please) - but I've just had it on good authority that Janet Ferguson from our 9.30am squad won the gold medal in her Age Group to add to the one she won in the World Duathlon Championships a few years ago. Well done Janet! This is absolutely amazing and we look forward to giving you a hero's welcome when you arrive back!

Thanks everyone, see you Friday for more fun and frivolity!


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