Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A reminder for 9.30am Friday swimmers this week...

Dear Swimmers

Per the schedule of open water swims for the 9.30am squad this February / March due to closures of the pool for carnivals (see full schedule here:, this Friday sees our first open water swim up at the new shark net at Sorrento Beach.

The session will start at 10am and run until 11/11.15am depending on the weather (which is looking great!). By all means please bring a wetsuit if you wish and be prepared for lots of fun and a small amount of (optional) beach running.

Sorrento Beach is a 26 minute drive north of Claremont Pool. We are trialling this first session there given the brilliant shark net facility, offering up to a 1200m loop in which to swim.

A couple of you have mentioned that you have a kayak or SUP you could bring along - as there will be a whopping 13 coaches there with me - it'd be great if you wouldn't mind bringing something down as we can use these to assist you and create man-made markers in the water.

Here's some maps so you don't get lost.

Park in the car park just north of the Sorrento SLSC if there is space:

Meet us by the small stone groyne indicated by the purple pinpoint in the image below. The red triangle is 1200m and follows the inside perimeter of the shark net - it's a great facility!

See you there!


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