Thursday, December 15, 2016

Saturday's Party - Info & A Rough Schedule of "Events"

Dear Swimmers

I'm getting excited! We're now up to 62 of you officially registered for Saturday night's party at 145 Alfred Road, Mount Claremont, aka "Casa Alfredo"! So that could be anywhere between 50 and 150 people turning up (given partner and kiddlywink invites etc). It's about 10 more than last year FYI. We are going to be having a bouncer (security guard) on the gate who has been kindly "installed" by Wayne-the-Train's security firm, so please ensure you open and login to the app and from the menu button in the top left, select "Squad Sessions" and you should then see the Christmas Party! listed there. Add yourself in if you are coming as we don't want the door man to turn you away! LOL! On a serious note though, we did have an unsavoury member of the community crash the party last year for about an hour or so, so hopefully this allows us to all have a great evening!


There is limited parking along Strickland Street and other neighbouring streets. Please park sensibly and be aware of the neighbours of course:

Food / Drink:

We have sourced some limited japanese and thai finger food for the evening as well as alcohol and soft beverages, but given that we're not entirely sure how many people will show, it'd be much appreciated if you could bring a plate (sweet or savoury) and if you wanted to bring your favourite tipple too, all the merrier! We will have the BBQ cranked up if you wanted to throw on a shrimp or steak etc and will have some snags ready for the kids also.


A rough schedule will look like this:

  • 5pm Mojito o'clock - join the crew for an early sundowner straight after work
  • 6pm - hop in the pool (if you wish and probably with the kids) to have a go in the Endless Pool system - very cool
  • 6.30pm - Santa will be making an early visit for the good boys, girls and squad swimmers at the party - will this be you?!
  • 7/7.30pm - a few thankyous from us to you for a great year's swimming in the Swim Smooth Perth Squad
  • 8pm to 10pm - get your groove on to some funky tunes and have another hop in the Endless Pool to see how long you can swim against it's full force (1:08/100m) - who will be crowned squad champion??

Bring a partner / kids:

As last year we want this to be a great night and would love to meet your other halves and kids, so feel free to bring them along too!

See you there!


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