Friday, September 30, 2016

On Our Way Home! Hope You Had Fun & That Perth Is Warming Up?

Dear Swimmers

I am hoping you've enjoyed the last 10 days working with coaches Cyndy and Sally in my absence. We've had a great trip over to bonny Scotland for my sister's wedding in the Highlands and are now just about ready to hop back on the plane, returning back to Perth early evening on Saturday, ready to hit the pool deck for Monday morning's Pure Technique sessions at 7am and 9.30am! It's been a great trip and a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with all of my family over here and for the kids to connect with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins etc. We feel very privileged to have been able to make it over for this trip and thank you for your support in my absence.

Fancy Pants:

Just a quick reminder that anyone seeking to take advantage of our special free worldwide shipping offer on the "fancy pants" you may have heard some of the squad raving about, you'll need to do that before midnight BST (tonight) by visiting where you can also read and watch a video on how / why you'd want to consider using them and if they're right for you.

Rottnest Solo Plan:

As discussed in previous Blogs, we'll be commencing our 20 week Rottnest Solo program from Monday 10th October. If you plan to do the Port-2-Pub swim instead, you'd just need to start 4 weeks later. Whilst away, myself and coach Cyndy have been compiling the detail for 100+ sessions for you to be able to follow through step-by-step to get you in prime condition for these great events. The program will be available via the ($19/mo) by late next week, so please watch this space. Those of you who are attending regular squad sessions - and whom are planning to do the solo - may already feel you have enough support with your sessions, however, for those of you who cannot attend regularly, or who would like some solid structure for times when you are away yourself and / or would just like to be able to track your progress with our innovative Fitness Tracker and CSS Tweaker, then this will be the thing for you!

App Update:

I'm so sorry that the saga of the updated Squad App has been dragging on! I believe now that almost all of you are sorted and those who have been struggling I've been helping out whilst over here in Scotland during moments of downtime - apologies for any inconvenience. Supposedly the network error and ability to cancel out issue that a minority had been experiencing has now been resolved in version 3.6.6. 

Can I please request that you download the latest version of the app either by visiting your App Store or Google Play Store directly from your phone and checking the "UPDATE" tab and letting your phone do the rest, or my using this direct link for iPhone and Android - thanks!


Here's a quick few photos of our whistle-stop tour! See you Monday!

Our lodgings for the wedding atop a wild, windswept highland moor! The winds peak at over 130km/h that night, making for what was very nearly a Gone With The Wind episode!

Preparing a cup of tea the old-fashioned way!

Taking my Mum's new dog, Monty, for a stroll along Loch Tay - I swam in there, it was 10ÂșC tops!! Brrrr!

Some wildlife along the way!

All dressed up in our Sunday best - Isla was the Flower Girl and Jackson the Paige Boy

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