Thursday, February 25, 2016

Get Fixed / Stay Fixed & Recover from your Rotto Pursuits!

Dear Swimmers

Only 1 more sleep to go before the majority of you cast off the shores at Cottesloe Beach and head bravely forwards across Gage Roads towards Thomson's Bay. I'm super excited to await you all as you finish so make sure you give me a great big High-5 and a zinc-covered bear hug as you cross that line in jubilant fashion!

If I could proffer one final tip…Just. Keep. Swimming. You will get there! Stay in the now, focus on just the stroke that you're taking at that point in time and making it the best stroke you can produce. Know that what you are doing is a great thing and that we're all privileged to be doing this great sport and to have the health that we have to get us safely across. Good luck!

New Swim/Tri-Centric Physio Clinic opening this March!


Michelle will open her very own Physio Clinic in Nedlands with fellow physio Matt Thomson - whoop!

I am super proud to announce that my lovely wife Michelle has finally taken the plunge and will be opening up her own physiotherapy clinic in Nedlands at the start of March with fellow squad swimmer (and awesome physio in his own right!) Matt Thomson!

Both Michelle and Matt specialise in shoulder injuries and rehab and would be the perfect physios to consider contacting post-Rotto should you need to iron out those aches and pains. I have personally built their website with funky online booking system, so make sure you get ahead of the gang and book a spot asap if you think you might need some help:

Many of you ask me where to go with your niggles and knowing first-hand of Michelle's skill for all manner of injuries, I'll always recommend her as an option. However, since 2007 Michelle has been based in East Vic Park which isn't the easiest of places to get to from over here in the Western Suburbs, so we are hoping that being based within 5.0km of the pool will make this an option for you to consider either now or in the future. Given your consent, Michelle and Matt would also be able to discuss any treatment or issues I would need to be aware of in a coaching capacity, which should really help smooth that 3-way communication between Athlete-Coach-Physio.

Here's the finer details:

"Nedlands Physiotherapy is proud and excited to announce the opening of its clinic at Suite 9, 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA. Appointments will be taken from Monday 29 February 2016 and online bookings are now available on the website

At Nedlands Physiotherapy we provide quality, professional health care using the latest treatment strategies. Our interactive and 'hands on' approach to your management puts us at the forefront of the Physiotherapy profession. With a special interest in swimming injuries you can be assured that we will provide effective treatment and a comprehensive rehabilitation program that you deserve to help you return to the pool. Our commitment and empathy to providing the highest standard of care to get you back in action quickly is what sets us apart from the rest. 

We offer a range of treatment techniques some of which include:
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture (traditional Chinese & dry-needling)
  • Fascial  manipulation
Nedlands Physiotherapy. Get fixed. Stay fixed."



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