Monday, January 25, 2016

Cottesloe OR Bather's Beach for the month of March (9.30am squad) - you decide!

Dear Swimmers

We're rapidly approaching that time of year when Claremont Pool has it's carnival season and we are required to shift our 9.30am sessions either to another pool, or - as you frequently seem to prefer - to the open water!

Our choice in the past has always been Cottesloe Beach, for convenience and the fact that it's a really, really nice beach! However, I've also been scoping out Bather's Beach in Fremantle and tomorrow will head there with our coaches for the Australia Day fireworks.

Whilst Bather's Beach is a bit more of a trek away, it is a great venue and one which is potentially less susceptible to stingers and changeable weather conditions, amongst other "things".

So the question is - which would you prefer to swim at?

Answers on a "postcard" here please as soon as possible (it'll take you all of 30 seconds to complete this form - if you don't, well you can't say I never asked if we choose something you're not keen on!):

Once a diplomatic decision has been made on the majority, I will update the app so that you can quickly glance and remind yourself of which sessions are where and when. Here's the dates affected though for your diary now:

So in total there are 9 affected sessions, mainly Wednesday and Fridays. Whilst I appreciate that not everyone will like to swim in the open water (as fantastically fun as the sessions will be and a nice variation to the devil you know), if you're already looking at these sessions and thinking "no, that's not for me - in either location" please ensure you cancel out of these sessions as soon as possible in order to give those on the waitlist the opportunity to join if they so wish. Many thanks!

Swim Smooth - keeping it diplomatic since 2004!

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