Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A few Christmas-y reminders...

Dear Swimmers

Just a reminder that our official squad break this year over the Christmas period sees the last sessions being:

Wednesday 5.30am & 9.30am 23rd December 2015

…and the first sessions back being:

Monday 7am & 9.30am 4th January 2016

Everyone's sessions during this period will be automatically "early cancelled", but if you are away for a longer period over this time and need to cancel out of say 6+ sessions, please send me over your dates and I can bulk do that. There's a lot of keen people trying to get into the sessions, so the sooner you are able to cancel out the better as it just helps them plan their own schedules too. Everyone's happy :-) I will personally have my last session(s) with you all on Wednesday 16th December and then back to take the Friday 8th January sessions - we're lucky enough to be off to Canada to visit Michelle's family in the snow - thanks Papa Smith!

Christmas Party:

We've had 33 RSVPs through the app so far. Everyone has been heckling me, "what if all 600 people on your squad list turn up?!" - so it doesn't look like this will be an issue at this stage!! There's no need to let me know if you can't come, but if you are planning to come, please just go to the Group Classes section of the app, scan to Friday 11th December where you'll see the party button and you can RSVP that you're coming there by checking in as you would any other session. I'd hate to have to use the excuse that we only catered for 33 people and then 120 people showed up…would be a cheap night though! LOL! We'll be going from 5pm to 10pm, so even if you just dropped by for half an hour to say hi, that'd be great!

Ticking over:

This is the shortest Christmas break we've ever taken over this period but if you're super keen to keep things ticking over during this period, please check out our 30% off on the using the promo code:

It'll keep you on the straight and narrow! It might make someone you know a nice little Christmas present too, as might a 1-2-1 Video Analysis Gift Card:!gift-cards/cnac

And don't forget, those of you training away for the Rottnest Channel swim can tap into our free program here:



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