Monday, September 14, 2015

Finally! Our new PAYG (BLUK!) app is launched - download it now for iOS and Android!

Dear Swimmers

The wait is finally over! Now you can check out your schedule, book sessions, cancel out of sessions, automatically Sign In when you arrive at the pool (with a nifty little geocoding that recognises when you're close to the pool!*), pay for sessions, safely and securely store your payment information (if you wish to do so) for ease of purchasing more credits, book 1-2-1 Video Analysis Appointments and automatically receive our latest notifications all directly through your phone / tablet, add yourself to wait lists and easily see where you are in the queue for that session, and lots, lots more!

*this function has not been fully tested yet, so please give it a try and see how it goes tomorrow!

This new app replaces the Mind Body Connect app that some of you have been using and is significantly easier to use, looks and feels better, and allows a much better integration with everything we do. Some of you might like the Connect app (as it links to Yoga studios etc), and whilst it will still work, as of today I will be discontinuing support of this app (in terms of questions, emails, phone calls etc) and encourage you please to replace it with the new app instead given how much time and resources we have put into it.

Your app LINKS:

Open this email on your phone or tablet and click the links below to download the new app for free and then login with your account details, or search for "Swim Smooth Perth" in the Apple or Google app stores:

Late Cancellations:

Given how simple this new app now makes it for you to check out of a session, there should be no reason please why you can't let us know well in advance if you cannot attend a session. We are still seeing ~18% no shows on a weekly basis (a big improvement though from the 60% we saw between June and September). We've spent 4 months building this new system and a huge investment to make life easier for everyone and to offer up spaces to people who are desperately keen to join the program, so please download the app if you have one of the many devices above that support the app and let us know simply and easily when you cannot attend so that we can offer up your place to someone else, "no questions asked". We really appreciate your support.

Going forwards:

  1. we will soon be enforcing a charge of one credit for anyone simply not showing for a session that they are scheduled for or for cancelling within 12 hours prior to a session*
  2. I have been monitoring a list of people whom have not been cancelling out of sessions since we released the new system. This is a very small minority I'm pleased to say, but we need everyone's assistance and embrace of the new system for it to be fair for everyone**. Currently everyone booked into their sessions on a regular basis are considered "Permanent" members of the squad. Those who are using the wait list system are considered "Casual". "Permanent" members of the squad whom do not cancel out of sessions and simply "no show" on a regular basis even now that the new app is available, run the risk of having their permanent bookings removed and offered to the "Casual" members. This is only fair and you now have the tools at your ease and disposal to let us know when you cannot make it, so please use them. You will be notified individually if you are in this category once we allow 2 weeks for everyone to get the new app on their phones / tablets. This may well suit you anyway if you have a very irregular routine and would prefer to not have any ongoing commitments, instead choosing to book in (or wait list) when you know you can actually attend.

*in the event of an emergency and you have to cancel within this 12-hour period, please simply shoot me an email to with your issue and I will reinstate your credit.

**when polled back in May, we had a unanimous response from the squad that everyone wished to maintain the PAYG system in favour of a fixed monthly fee. The new app allows us to maintain this PAYG structure avoid a monthly payment plan, but only with your kind support, hence PAYG (BLUK!) Pay-As-You-Go (But-Let-Us-Know!). It's a win-win for everyone.

Cheers and enjoy the new app!


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