Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Amendments to Squad Schedule Part 2

Dear swimmers

As per the details at http://swimsmoothperth.blogspot.com.au/2015/01/a-couple-of-adjustments-to-squad-times.html the pool has written to advise me that we can now indeed run the usual 9.30am squad session on Friday 6th March at the pool (50m) as the carnival that was originally booked for then will be moved to Wednesday 11th March. This does however mean that the Wednesday 11th March session will now be in the 25m pool. Given that this is a CSS-type of session and that I will still be away in the UK at this point, it is my preference that we use the pool on this occasion rather than the ocean. I hope you can understand and support that decision.

Coach Cyndy will take the Friday 6th March 9.30am session and Coach Brad will take the Wednesday 11th March 9.30am session.

There will still be the opportunity to run the two 9.30am sessions on Friday 27th March and Monday 30th March at the beach (or as suggested, the river), so I will keep you posted on these.

Thanks to the 13 of you who attended last Friday's beach session - you all looked like you enjoyed it immensely!


PS also see below attachment regarding the ICEA Foundation which some of you may be keen to register for as you lead-up to your Rotto swims!

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