Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last few days with the coaches...

Dear Swimmers

Hope you have all enjoyed the last couple of weeks having Dom from Hong Kong, Stacey from Chicago, Cath from Calgary and Morgan from (sunny) Doncaster here with us in Perth training up as the next waves of prospective Swim Smooth Coaches in their respective countries - see: - it's been a pleasure having them with us and an absolutely massive thank you goes out to James Millen, Sandra Cronin, Stu Moran and Lorraine Walters (and their respective partners/families) for hosting them whilst they've been here - you've spoilt them rotten by all accounts and we're very, very lucky to have such accommodating and friendly people in the squad to welcome our overseas visitors!

OK, so the coaches and myself, Adam and Emma will be in action on the pool deck tomorrow morning and for the 9.30am session Morgan and Stacey will run Lane 1, and Cath and Dom will run Lanes 2 and 3 with a specially prepared program that they have created between themselves - it will be a lot of fun!

Also, please pop along to the Saturday 1-2pm session for some fun with the open water skills session at Claremont Pool - guaranteed to be a blast! The more the merrier for this one, so come and enjoy the sunshine with us and be prepared to get a little Fresh 'n' Fruity too!

See you then!


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