Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anyone know of a blind triathlete guide?

Dear Swimmers

We've been making some good contacts over here in the US and a great coach from Boston named Bill Steele and contactable on has the following enquiry for the upcoming Busselton Ironman - can anyone help or know of anyone who can?

"I've been working with a blind athlete who will be racing this coming December in the Western Australia Ironman at Busselton, which I see is just down the road from you. Do you know anybody who has acted as a blind triathlete guide?

The athlete is a hard-working 26-year-old swimmer with multiple medals in the last three Paralympic games. He is new to triathlon and was drawn to Ironman training by the prospect of doing something different after twelve years of swim training. 

He is currently planning on going to Australia five weeks in front of the race, so there will be ample time to train with a guide. If you know of anybody who might be interested, or if you can pass this request along to the local tri clubs or organizations in that neck of the woods, perhaps we can get a conversation going between Ehhamed (the swimmer) and one or more prospective guides.

Please contact me on"



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