Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paul away in the USA from Sunday 26th May for Manhattan Island Marathon Swim!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're ticking along nicely. The weather's cooling down but it's still lovely down at Claremont Pool!

Just a note that I will be away in the USA from this Sunday 26th May for a period of ~4 weeks (depending upon finalised schedule). I will be competing in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim - an invitational 46km swim anti-clockwise around Manhattan Island with 37 other swimmers from around the world, including the other six swimmers from our 2011 "Channel Dare" team who swam the English Channel - Lisa, Geoff, Andrew, Wayne, Ceinwen and Paul. We've trained super-hard for this event and can't wait to get over there (more details below).

My last session with the squad will be this Saturday in the 1-2pm session at Claremont Pool - please make it down if you can. Anyone requiring a new PAYG card is encouraged to order one here before I leave please:


...please ensure that you have a valid PAYG card with you at every session - it's becoming increasingly challenging to monitor and record when people forget their cards and this is doubly difficult with different coaches running the different sessions in my absence. Whilst we are looking at some new technology which might assist with the payment system as it stands, your support on this matter is very much appreciated and helps steer our attention away from the admin side of things and onto the coaching side of things which you know and love. Thank you.

As ever, I will be leaving you in the very capable hands of the following coaches:

  • Mondays @ 7am = Francene
  • Mondays & Fridays @ 9.30am, and Tuesdays at 6.15pm = Sandy
  • Tuesdays & Fridays @ 5.30am / 6.30am, Thursdays @ 6.15pm, and Saturdays @ 1pm = Sally
  • Wednesdays @ 5.30am & 9.30am = Brad / Carolyn

...please make them feel very welcome as usual - we've been undergoing some additional coach education work this last fortnight as I'm sure you will have been aware, so that will tie in nicely with this period.

As spots for the squads are still very much at a premium, please aim to get along to the sessions as normal during my absence as we have a lot of very keen people waiting to get into the sessions. If you will be away for an extended period (for whatever reason) please let me know so that we can keep a balance on the numbers attending. 

As ever, some new faces coaching on pool deck is always a welcome change from the norm, and I know that the coaches can't wait to get started!

So FYI, here's a nice piece written by Paul Downie about our challenge:

"They're at it again. The same group of Western Australians who all  successfully conquered swimming solo across the English Channel are back to take on the Americans race around Manhattan Island.

With a field of 38 international swimmers, which includes 15 from the US, the crazy seven from Perth, and two other Australian swimmers, will compete against some of the world's leading marathon swimmers to tackle one of the signature events in the marathon swimming calendar.

With the English Channel under their belts, these two women and five men have taken training to a new level. Along with swimming endlessly up and down pools and many laps of the Swan River, multiple crossings of the Rottnest Channel have become the norm - with Ceinwen Roberts taking her commitment to a whole new level with a record setting triple crossing. Apparently she's sensible.

The support they have all received from families, friends, colleagues, swim buddies and well wishers has again been phenomenal. Without the encouragement and acceptance they have received, none of them would be contemplating this costly and epic adventure.

The Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, organised by NYC Swim (www.nycswim.org) is a unique event. Heavily regulated and requiring substantial qualifications, the swim is a highlight for any marathon swimmer.

Established by a group of erstwhile and committed American swimmers determined to make an effort to clean up the waters and rivers around New York, the 46km swim is a sprint from start to finish. Assisted by strong tides, the 9.5 hour cut off indicates the fast speeds some swimmers reach who complete the event in under 6 hours at an average pace approaching 8kms / hr.

All swimmers are encouraged to raise funds for the NYC Swim nominated charity - Swim Free. Below is a donation form* for anyone wishing to donate to this worthwhile cause which has been established to assist teaching children in developing countries to learn to swim and feel confident in the water.

For the last campaign, our swimmers chose to swim for Breast Cancer Care WA with nearly $80,000 raised to assist sufferers, their families and loved ones cope with the daily costs and procedures to fight this crippling disease.

This time, our group have elected to share any sponsorship you wish to donate to Swim Free with Walk Free, a WA based charity aimed at ending modern day slavery (www.walkfree.org). The support from Walk Free founders, the Forest family, with training and some of the other swim events, has inspired the group to assist Walk Free whenever and wherever they can.

So hop on board yet again and keep tabes with how the group is going. Send blogs of support through this web page or twitters of encouragement. You  can follow their progress around Manhattan by logging on to their individual names on the NYC Swim site at www.nycswim.org"



* this link is to Paul Newsome's sponsorship page - but all goes to the same fund.

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