Thursday, August 25, 2011

In case you missed it...

Dear Team

In case you missed it yesterday morning, please find below the link to my 20 minute radio interview on Australia's ABC radio station yesterday morning about our English Channel swimming attempts next week. I was talking with Glynn Greensmith who was very interested in the who / why / wheres etc of doing the swim. He thought we were mad! Managed to get a few good plugs in for Breast Cancer Care WA, Claremont Pool and of course all our training buddies!!

Here's the link:

Please note that I personally struggled to play this in Google Chrome, but Safari and Windows IE should be fine - give it a pop!


P.S quick reminder that whilst I am away, anyone making payments for a new PAYG squad card at should please print out their receipt and present this as proof of purchase so that our coaches can issue you a new card(s). Thanks for your help with this! See you in 2-3 weeks time...depending entirely on weather conditions in the Channel.

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