Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winter Squad Applications now open...


Dear Swimmers

Hope you've all had a cracking weekend. I'm pleased to say that my head seems to have healed up after last week's unfortunate poolside accident and I've now had all the stitches removed and gearing up for a week back in the pool getting the K's in for the English Channel swim in September!

As promised then, everyone needs to please submit your Winter Squad Application (where possible) before Wednesday 27th April at 5.00pm by visiting this page:

...even if you have submitted an application in the last 2-3 months to join the squad as a "new recruit" please be so kind as to re-submit now that we have all the sessions structured for the winter. Thanks.

The winter program officially runs from Monday 9th May to Sunday 2nd October and will be designed to keep you focussed and fit during the cooler months as well as helping those of you with grand ambitions for a Rottnest Solo or Duo swim in February 2012 or the Busselton Ironman in December 2011 reach your goals. The weather might be getting cooler now and it might soon be into single digits at 5.30am, but you can always be assured of a warm welcome and the enticing motivation that comes from training with the Swim Smooth Perth squad. So rather than roll over and think "hmmm, I'll give this one a miss today!" let's keep you in there and pumped up this winter!

We're just making some final decisions based upon your demand for the following three sessions before deciding whether or not to keep them or postpone over winter. They will be:

  • Monday's 7-8am technique session
  • Tuesday's 6.30-7.30pm technique and endurance session
  • Saturday's 1-2pm open water skills session

...all at Claremont Pool. If you'd seriously like to keep attending these sessions over winter or maybe even start them for the first time, now's the time to please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements.

We'll also be implementing a period of work shadowing and coach education over the winter period with our local Perth coaches and culminating with inviting 8 to 12 of our internationally registered coach network applicants to pop over to Perth in October 2011 for 2-3 weeks of coach training. This will ensure excellent coach delivery over this period when I will personally be away for three short trips for some coaching commitments with the British Triathlon Federation, my brother-in-law's Canadian wedding and of course my English Channel swim attempt in September. It'll be a fun and busy winter period for sure and personally I'm really excited about the fresh mornings down at Claremont Pool for a bit of a can remind me of that when it's pouring with rain and 6 degrees...but we'll still be there!

OK crew, I look forward to receiving your applications as soon as you can get onto them. As usual, priority places will be allocated to those who've been swimming consistently with the squad over the last few seasons, but don't let that deter your application as places do pop up during the off-season and it might be your chance to nab a space!



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