Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bacon - saved!

Dear Swimmers

I'm wondering how many of you woke up yesterday morning, heard the thunder and thought "the last place I want to be right now is out in an outdoor swimming pool!"

As luck would have it, we were (and will be) scheduled for the Indoor Pool on a Thursday morning over the winter months and as such it didn't matter one iota what it was like outside as we all had a fantastic session indoors. Feedback was that it was actually quite cool swimming in a 25m pool for a change and the difference in people's swimming speed was quite pronounced given all the push-offs (providing you're good at them!). Having 5 lanes was also a bonus and allowed for more accurate targeting of people's target paces.

So, don't be afraid next week if its raining because it was lovely and warm indoors!

Have a great weekend and hope to see some of you on Saturday in the Outdoor 8 lane pool for our 1pm squad session.



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