Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brick Session this Saturday CANCELLED


I'm just writing to inform you that I've decided to cancel the official Saturday morning brick session at Cottesloe Beach. In the end only 5 people expressed an interest in doing the session unfortunately and given the time commitment that I would be down there for (~5 hours) I just can't make this work. Sorry if you had hoped to attend. Obviously this doesn't stop you doing your own 1k swim + 70km bike + 10km brick session...and if you're doing the Half Ironman at the start of May, this is what I'd be encouraging you to do.

I'll ask for interest again for the proposed session on the 10th April in a couple of weeks and see how we go with that one.

Sorry to disappoint - it seems like a good number of people are no longer racing the event (for various reasons) and this is having an impact on the interest in this kind of specific session.

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget we do have the 1pm squad swim session on this Saturday which you might like to do if you just do a bike/run brick in the morning...its a great one for developing your open water drafting skills etc.



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