Saturday, January 23, 2010

Confirming that we'll be swimming on Australia Day at Cottesloe Beach


Just to confirm that we will meet at 6.45am for a 7am swim start at Cottesloe Beach on Tuesday 26th January. Meet in front of the pylon. Swim distances will be 1.6km, 4.0km or 8.0km as a social training swim depending upon your needs. If anyone can bring a paddler or two along with them, please do so. No charge for this swim. 

For those who might be upset to miss the 5.30am, 6.30am or 6.15pm sessions on Tuesday (due to the pool being closed), remember we also have a 5.30am session on Wednesday morning which you can attend. We start off with 10 mins of stretching and then most stay in the pool till 7am (though some get out earlier). Its a great endurance session ranging from ~3km to 4.5km for lane 3. Hope to see you next week!



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