Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Training this weekend and Ironman Preview

Dear Athletes

I hope you are all enjoying this warmer weather! Its tipped to be 38 this weekend I believe which should make things interesting for the Ironman down in Busselton. More on that in a moment!

PAYG Session Cards: Just a quick reminder that if you are running low on credits to encourage you to purchase your PAYG cards online at or in cash / cheque ("The TEAM CORE") prior to my departure for our holiday next Tuesday so that I can issue you one in time.

I am trying to streamline the whole process for the new coaches whilst I am away and as such your support on this matter would be much appreciated. Remember, we have a 2 week break for Christmas from the 20/12/09 to 3/1/10 (inclusive, restarting on the 4/1/10), so there is effectively 2 weeks of training before and after the Christmas break when I will not be around. I have set-up the coaches with the facility to issue cards if absolutely needs be, but we'd prefer if you could pre-purchase before I leave. Thanks in advance.

Training this weekend: There are a few big events on this weekend (the Swim Thru Rottnest & the Busselton Ironman) but whilst that might mean slightly quieter sessions, these will all still proceed. So:

Friday - AM - all sessions, 5.30am, 6.30am & 9.30am as normal

Friday - PM - 4.30pm session for Rottnest Solo and DUO swimmers - have a crack at the 4k, 3k, 2k, 1k set from the "Monster Sessions" list. Make sure you hydrate and fuel very well indeed on this. Keep you effort steady and consistent with breaks between sets of 2 mins being for fueling purposes. If your longest session so far is just ~5.5-6km please do a max of 8km today, i.e. 4k, 3k, 1k.

Saturday - AM - 6.00am ride around the river from Cottesloe Beach car park. 8.00am steady swim down to north Cottesloe and back (Solo swimmers to do Rottnest Swim Thru if possible - it's a great event!).

Saturday - PM - 1.00pm squad swim session at Claremont Pool. Wahey, 1.00pm!!! Hope you can make it!

Busselton Ironman:

We have a range of athletes racing this weekend at the 6th Busselton Ironman. Conditions look set to be tough with highs of ~34 and strong winds forecast - this will make for a strong and determined athlete's course I suspect. Hydration will be of the utmost importance. Many of the athletes below are doing this distance for the first time (good on them!), but one of the athletes whom I have been advising with his swim training (Petr Vabrousek from the Czech Republic) will be making this his 85th outing at this distance - simply amazing! Let's wish them all well:

  • Petr Vavrousek (Male PRO) - Czech Republic
  • Karol Dzalaj (Male PRO) - Slovak Republic
  • Kate Bevilaqua (Female PRO)
  • Michael Bowles (M 45-49) - Ironman Virgin
  • Graham Crocker (M 60-64)
  • Christopher Domoney (M 60-64) - UK, one of the guys responsible for getting me into triathlon back in 1994!
  • Tracey Edwards (F 35-39) - Ironman Virgin
  • Kirsti Hansen (F 40-44) - New Zealand - Ironman Virgin
  • Paul Heyes (M 45-49)
  • Tony Highfield (M 50-54)
  • Michael Hodgson (M 45-49) - Ironman Virgin
  • Matt Howes (M 30-34) - Ironman Virgin
  • Desmond Jennings (M 35-39)
  • Louise Jones (F 35-39) - Ironman Virgin
  • Ian Lane (M 45-49)
  • Paul McQueen (M 45-49) - Ironman Virgin
  • Daniel Palko (M 30-34) - Slovak Republic
  • Malcolm Rose (M 35-39) - United Arab Emirates (attended our last Swim Smooth Clinic in Windsor, UK)
  • Daniel Tarborsky (M 25-29) - Ironman Virgin
  • Dan Timbers (M 30-34)
  • Luc Tournier (M 35-39)



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