Saturday, November 11, 2017

Paul away for 2 weeks coaching in the USA!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather lately - it's totally amazeballs!

Just a quick note to let you know that Sally, Derek and Ross will be covering the squad sessions for me whilst I am away in the USA for the next 2 weeks on our annual Swim Smooth USA Coaching Tour. I've got a crazy hectic schedule which promises to be both exciting and engaging in equal measure. Here's what I've got on for your interest:

San Francisco

  • Sunday = guest coach for Matt Dixon's Purple Patch Fitness triathlon squad (he had some 100+ athletes in Kona at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships recently so I'm honoured to have been invited). Matt frequently sends some of his top PRO athletes my way for additional swim TLC work when they're down under, but I've never actually met him. He's very well respected in the triathlon community!
  • Monday = a whole day spent geeking out as the guest of John Mix, CEO of Finis Inc. who make all the gadgets and gizmos we use as our training aids. We're going to be shooting some cooperative video demos together to showcase some of their latest innovations. John has over 45 staff working for him, all of whom are former elite swimmers - such an amazing and inspiring place to work I'm sure!
  • Tuesday = more coaching with Matt Dixon before flying out to Carlsbad, just north of San Diego

Carlsbad / San Diego:

  • Tuesday = meet up with the Swim Smooth Coaching Team - I'm very proud to have a team of 8 coaches from around the USA (including the wonderful Coach Cyndy who'll be joining us from Houston and John Chip from CA - I'll be sure to say hello to her from everyone of you!) supporting me with our upcoming 3-day Coach Education Course at the Alga Norte Aquatic Centre
  • Wednesday = meet the 20 coaches I've personally hand selected from over 120 international applicants to become numbers 333 to 352 to complete our International Triathlon Union / British Triathlon endorsed 3-day Coach Education program. Some of these coaches will then be further selected to attend our 2 week Swim Smooth Certification program in sunny Perth in March 2018. What better way to meet them all than with an open water swim at the iconic La Jolla beach, the birth place of the whole triathlon movement!
  • Thursday to Saturday = 3-day Coach Education Course, culminating on the Saturday with 10 guinea pig swimmers keen to hone their techniques with the newly versed coaches - this creates a brilliant learning environment for all involved, albeit with over 40 people forming the congregation that day, a mojito or two will be in order afterwards!
  • Sunday = meeting with several tech companies keen to partner with us on some exciting new projects (but that, as they say, is about all I can say about that)
  • Monday = podcast interview with the voice of triathlon himself, Mr Bob Babbitt - will send you the download link accordingly
  • Tuesday / Wednesday = some exciting promotional filming for a couple of new projects that are already complete and due out in the next month…watch this space!

I arrive back in Perth on Friday 24th November and will be back on pool deck fresh and energised on Monday 27th November. Until then, keep up the great work and enjoy the sessions with the coaching team!

For your reference, I've just prepared this matrix so that you can see who is typically leading which group, in which lane at each of our 11 weekly sessions:

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