Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FREE Foam Roller Session and FREE CSS Testing Session, Saturday 17th September 1-3pm at Claremont Pool

Knowing your CSS pace is beneficial if you plan to do some solo training for things like the Rottnest Solo Swim - get tested free on Saturday 17th September at 2-3pm!

Dear Swimmers

In addition to the three FREE Foam Roller sessions being conducted by Michelle (see to sign up and register), we are going to offer a fourth FREE session on Saturday 17th September at 1-2pm (session will actually be 45 minutes) and then also immediately after offer you the chance to do a FREE CSS Testing session as well (2-3pm) for those who feel like they wish to know exactly where they're at with their swimming.

Both sessions will help you prepare for a great summer of swimming - the rolling to give you some pragmatic exercises to keep you injury free, and the CSS Testing to see where you're at especially for those of you thinking of following our 20 week Rottnest Channel Swim program via the detailed which will commence Monday 10th October and run through to Saturday 25th February.

There are 10 spots open for the rolling session and up to 45 spots for the CSS Testing which will be performed in 3 waves of 15 swimmers.

To access the CSS Testing Session, please check and book in for the session through your app - we will only be able to accept "blow ins" on the day if we haven't reached capacity, so please get onto that asap. We haven't performed a structured CSS Testing Session for over a year now (thanks in part to the new method of squad structuring), but if you're someone who wants to know where they're at and aren't sure despite the various "disguised" tests I frequently add to the main squad sessions these days (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!), then by all means come down. The Rottnest program within the Guru benefits from you knowing this point, especially if you plan to do some / a lot of training by yourself as you can gauge improvement over time which is always motivating!

The rolling session can be booked at!book-online/m7092 under the "Group Sessions" tab - again this is a FREE session!



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