Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend's Results & Easter Training

Dear Team
Latest Race News:
Another action-packed weekend with various team members heading off to races across Western Australia, the UK and even South Africa! First up was the Karri Valley Triathlon in beautiful Pemberton. Despite many of the team choosing to stay back in Perth and knock-out another Freeway Ride (yeah, yeah, you love it really!), we had 5 members mixing it up on the hilly and testing course. Mike Gee was back to good form and finished 4th overall and actually broke the bike course record by 2 seconds (shame that the top-3 guys all broke it too and were faster than Mike! Hey ho!). Rob Buckle was back after the Rottnest Channel Swim to finish a top-notch 1st in the 25-29 AG and 20th overall. Mrs Buckle (to be), Helen Cuthbert, completed her longest and toughest ever race to finish a very commendable 4th place in the ladies 25 to 29 AG. Helen was just beaten to the line by Lindy Brand who made up some big ground on the bike and run after her epic trip up Mt Buller a couple of weeks back to place 7th in the 35 to 39 AG. Last but by no means least, Sally O'Dea put up with tough conditions in the swim after being seriously knocked around and having to go back ashore to recompose and then a nasty bee-sting on the bike to finish the race in 11th place in the 25 to 29 AG - here's to battling adversity Sally!
Whilst many were partaking in the Freeway Ride on Sunday (60km and about 4000 riders!), over in the UK, Georgia Wood was smashing her personal best half marathon time to knock out a truly breath-taking 1:22.29 which equates to 3:55 per km. What makes this result especially good was that the conditions at the Bath Half Marathon were attrocious and the race had to be put back 1hour due to some flooding and mud which Georgia describes as a little like "the Glastonbury Music Festival". Georgia finished 16th lady overall - a great result!
And over the Indian Ocean in South Africa, Ian Murray was testing out his new Felt DA Time Trial machine which we'll all see and drool over when he's back next week. Ian finished 9th overall (out of +300) in the sprint distance triathlon and 4th place veteran in a superb time of 68 minutes. Ian's final 5km was completed in an amazing 18:25 too! Well done that man!
This week's Training:
Monday - pm - after a long and tough run session this morning, we'll be spinning for 60 mins steady in the Sweat Shack this evening to loosen the legs off followed by a bit of stretching - something to look forward to - not a killer session!
Tuesday - am - remember core stability at 5.30am, swim at 6 to 7am at CCGS. Time-4-Me swim is on at 9am at Challenge Stadium, check the board for pool allocation as this changed somewhat last week.
Wednesday - am - 5.50am leave from Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street. Back ~ 7.40am.
Thursday - am - As per Tuesday morning. Time-4-Me is on at 10.30 to 11.30am this week!
Thursday - pm - A Favorite for most - the 6,5,4,3,2,1 Fartlek session - a nice one in that you can choose how hard to push it if feeling a little tired at the end of this 3 week build phase.
Good Friday - REST DAY (Good Friday - enjoy some Fish & Chips! A British Classic).
Easter Saturday - as per previous emails, there will be no structured session today owing to the Public Holiday and also because we're "1-up" on our hard Saturday sessions. As such, my advice would be to take this weekend completely off and enjoy yourself! You've been working hard and consistently over the last 9 weeks and a bit of a break at this point will be well placed. Besides the physical benefit of having some rest, the rest will also help you with any motivation issues which may be waning at this point in time (quite common - I call it the "Doldrums") - so go and enjoy yourself and the coach says its ok to have a drink or too as well! :-)
Easter Sunday - REST DAY
Easter Monday - no official run or bike session. This starts our Recovery Week (something to look forward to) so just take a steady 30mins jog whenever suits your social / family commitments and a 1hr spin on the bike and we'll resume as normal on Tuesday!
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