Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Training this week and Rottnest Boot Camp

Dear All
Hope you all had a great weekend away (if you managed to get away!) over Easter and are now pumped to get back into training this week. Please remember that this week is a recovery week and as such is a perfect way for many of you whom may have not been able to be super-consistent over the last few weeks to ease your way back into things and for everyone else to focus on form and technique.
You all know now that the early morning swim sessions are now starting at 6 to 7am on Tuesday and Thursday at Christchurch GS with 20 mins of flexibility and core stability work commencing at 5.30am for those who can make this beneficial session.
We have our final session away from Claremont Pool this Thursday for the "Time:4:Me" crew. As the weather is supposed to be great on Thursday morning and due to your popular demand, we will make this session a beach swim down at Cottesloe. Please meet at 10am and be prepared for some openwater technique work as well as a few ins & outs. We finally return to Claremont Pool on Tuesday 1st April at 9.30am to 10.30am and will then be back down there every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am from then on. I'd just like to personally say thanks to those of you whom have supported these sessions over the last 8 weeks - its not been easy, always changing times and pools each week, but you've done a great job of supporting the session in these tough couple of months, so thanks! Hopefully now we can move boldly forward and continue to develop this great session.
All other sessions are as per normal: Wednesday ride at 5.50am from Mount Street; Thursday run at McGilvray at 6pm; Friday openwater swim 7am at Cottesloe; Saturday morning brick session (albeit a shortened one this week being an easy week) at 6.30am from the Dodgy Dunnies. There's also the Hillary's Sprint Triathlon this Sunday as well for those that are keen - www.trievents.com.au for more info.
Rottnest Boot Camp 18 to 20th April:
I need to confirm the booking at the Barracks for our accommodation for this awesome weekend of triathlon training and social activities. At this present moment in time I have had the following express their interest in attending:
  1. Paul Newsome (deposit paid)
  2. Michelle Newsome (deposit paid)
  3. James Millen (paid in full)
  4. Caitlin Hunt (paid in full)
  5. Melissa Cundy
  6. Carl Andrews
  7. Gabe Alves
  8. Rob Buckle
  9. Janet Musker
  10. Mary Tennant
...if I haven't got your name down or if you haven't yet paid the weekend's balance ($200.00 including 2 nights accommodation, ferry, "Taper Time Tapas", 2 breakfasts, and coaching) please email me to let me know ASAP. If those of you following the Half Ironman Program whom haven't registered your interest in the camp could let me know that you're definitely not coming, that would be much appreciated too! Thanks. Remember this weekend will be lots of fun (see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbcSM-AdQN8).
At this moment in time I have 2 blocks of accommodation on hold (a 12 and an 8-bed dorm) and the plan was to split these male/female as the numbers dictated. If we don't get the numbers up I'll need to investigate either a) cancelling one dorm and having the other as a "unisex" affair; or b) look into 2 smaller blocks if they are available. Your speedy cooperation is much appreciated in advance!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
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