Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bremer Bay - a place you really MUST visit!

Road tripping' around the South West!

Dear Swimmers

Hoping you all had a good weekend in my absence. Without sounding like an advert for the Bremer Bay Tourist board, and having asked many of you if you've ever been only to be told "no, not yet" - this is a place you really must add to your itinerary. I hope you'll indulge me with a few of the photos and videos I took with our new swim filming drone to whet your appetite! #NoFilter #StraightOffTheCamera

We have had my family visiting from the UK for the last 3 weeks and took the opportunity to sneak away with them on a secret 5-day camping road trip to Wave Rock (Hyden), Esperance and finally Bremer Bay (somewhere I'd only ever heard the late, great Eoin Cameron talking about on the 5.15am ABC weather report). It was so windy at Wave Rock that we had to forego setting up the tent and booked into a chalet instead and then down in Esperance the wind had followed us and saw us literally survive our way through a harrowing 8pm to 7am gale force wind experience (75-80km/h sustained) during which I wrote my own obituary fearing we'd literally be flattened by a tree or tin roof!

Isla and Jackson looking pretty excited to be at the wonderful Wave Rock, but less excited about the miserable weather!

Everyone happy to have survived the worst that Esperance could throw at us and our canvas tent visiting Hellfire Bay, Esperance.

This photo of Jackson (aged 2) has adorned by parents kitchen wall in Wales since 2011 - finally they get chance to see the wonders of Lucky Bay themselves!

Mother Smooth overlooks a kangaroo with a joey in its pouch at Lucky Bay

Luckily, by the time we got to Bremer Bay the wind had started to die down and we were treated to two brilliant days of sunshine which showcased this part of the world better than we could have ever imagined. 

The Henry Peninsula is home to 5 or 6 great beaches (see the video link below) with the purest white beaches and amazingly clear aquamarine waters - the swimming and body surfing was second to none! In fact - dare I say it - Bremer Bay now knocks off Esperance and Kalbarri as my favourite place in Western Australia. Maybe you should take a look yourself - only 5.5hrs drive from Perth…

See the 4 minute video at - hope you like the drone footage!

Incredible water clarity - great for a dip (albeit quite chilly!), Little Boat Harbour, Bremer Bay

Bremer's most popular beach, Blossoms

Bremer Bay river-mouth, similar in many ways to Margaret River (at least that's what the kids said!)

Bremer Bay Main Beach

Beautiful colours at Bremer Bay 

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